“Mexican colours 2” A day in Oaxaca's Sierra Sur region. (2017 collection)

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“Mexican colours 2” A day in Oaxaca's Sierra Sur region. (2017 collection)The Mexican state of Oaxaca is in the South along the Pacific coast. This is where several mountain ranges meet with dramatic effects on the geography, climate and botany. This tray represents the Sierra Sur region which is where the climate is hot and arid and where the flora likes it drier. Oaxaca is in the top five places in the world for the highest number of endangered species, including species represented here in this tray. The species are; Rhyncholaelia glauca an orchid that needs to be kept damp from summer into early autumn. Echinocereus rigidissimus a cactus that flowers during the late summer and is typically Mexican with its bright colours and Sedum burrito an easy to grow species that is attractive due to its bluish colour and the rare Tillandsia xerographica which can grow with very little water. 10% of the sale of this tray will go towards helping Leatherback Turtles, they rely heavily on the Pacific beaches to lay their eggs and this species is under serious threat and are in real need of our help.