Orchid Species T-Z

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Tolumnia guttata is a species found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad, Venezuela, Guyana and French Guiana. This species grows as a twig epiphyte in scrub and at elevations below 300 over parts of its range. The plant has small pseudobulbs that are enclosed by leaves that form a fan shape. The inflorescences emerges from between the leaf axils, measures 30-60cm, and bear many flowers that each measure 2cm across. The flowers are not scented and bloom during the summer.

Trisetella cordeliae
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Trisetella cordeliae is a species endemic to Ecuador. In the wild this species inhabits mountain forest at elevations below 1,800 metres. The inflorescences measure 5cm and bear a few successively opening flowers that measure 1.5cm across. The plant blooms during the spring.

This plant is flowering size. Grow Trisetella cordeliae on a mount, in bright light, never in direct sunlight and allow it to dry in between watering. This plant grows well in an intermediate greenhouse or indoors in suitable conditions, including, a difference between day and night temperature.

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Trisetella triaristella is a species from Columbia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela. In the wild this species inhabits wet mountain cloud forest at elevations between 700-1,700 metres. The inflorescences measure 4-8cm, emerge from the ramicauls and bear3-5 successively opening flowers that measure 3cm across. The plant blooms during the spring.

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Tuberolabium kotoense is a localised species endemic to Taiwan. In the wild this species is found growing as an epiphyte on ficus trees and at elevations of 300 metres. The plant can produce multiple inflorescences that measure 15-25cmand bears many flowers. The flowers have a nice scent and usually bloom during winter.

Vanda luzonica
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Vanda luzonica is a warm growing species endemic to the Philippines. In the wild this epiphytic species inhabits lowland forest at circa 500 metres. The inflorescences measure 45cm and bear 10-20 flowers. The plant blooms during the spring.