“The fallen log” – Madagascar's Eastern Escarpment (2017 collection)

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“The fallen log” – Madagascar's Eastern Escarpment (2017 collection)Madagascar's Eastern Escarpment is world renown for high rainfall, vast jungles, Lemurs and its orchids. The area stretches for 100s of kilometres and is home to 1,000s of endemic plants. Unfortunately the area is under threat and as little as 7% of the remaining forest is well protected. Much of the degraded land is now devoid of any plants and has been turned into a wasteland. This tray represents a the bringing together of the forest floor and tree canopy with epiphytic plants on a branch that has crashed from the canopy and landed on the forest floor. The plants represented are Fittonia verschaffeltii in two colour forms and Bulbophyllum longiflorum and Oeoniella polystachys two attractive orchids that flower in brighter light and need to be constantly watered. 10% of the sale of this tray will go towards helping local people practice sustainable agriculture that will also provide them with a direct living at the same time protecting their local lands for future generations.