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Mimosa pudica “sensitive plant”


Mimosa pudica seeds have now been sown!

mimosa pica , commonly known as the sensitive plant or touch me Not is a fascinating perennial herb that belongs to the fabaceae family which is the pea family.

It is native to south and Central America but now is found in many tropical regions worldwide. What sets it apart is it unique response to touch when disturbed, it’s compound leaves close up and droop, and intriguing defence mechanism against herbivore. The plant typically grows low to the ground with pinkish purple pom-pom light flowers blooming intermittently. Despite its delicate appearance, it surprisingly resilient and easy to grow making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Mimosa is not a great addition to any botanical collection but it also serves as a reminder of natures ingenious adaptations.

Mimosa pudica “sensitive plant”
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