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Dendrochilum curranii is a species endemic to Luzon in the Philippines. In the wild this species is found growing as an epiphyte in mossy forest at elevations between 600 – 2,000 metres. Inflorescences measure 4-15 cm, are shorter than the leaves, bear c40-50 small flowers which each measure about 6-7 mm across. Plants usually bloom during the winter.


These are flowering size plants growing in pots. Grow Dendrochilum curranii in a pot with a sphagnum moss media, with moderate to bright light, never in direct or bright sunlight and give it a lot of water. We grow our plants sitting in a small amount of water. Plants grow well in an intermediate greenhouse and appreciate night-time temperatures of 13-17 degrees and day temperatures of 22 to 28 degrees. This species likes a distinct difference between day and night temperature and cool misty air.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Dendrochilum curranii B 140084 c 11153 d GB

Dendrochilum curranii

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