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Ecology and Botanical habits:

Maxillaria variabilis, is native to the diverse landscapes of Central and South America, specifically centred in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. In its natural habitat, this captivating orchid species inhabits rainforests and open forests at elevations between 500 and 2,500 metres. The flowers on this species vary in colour and patterning.


The pseudobulbs are an ovoid shape, bear solitary leaves and 5 cm long inflorescences which bear solitary flowers. From lithophytic, epiphytic to terrestrial growth, this orchid species reveals its adaptability, creating a visual spectacle in its natural surroundings.


Cultural Preferences and Botanical Care:

To cultivate Maxillaria variabilis successfully, provide a well-draining orchid mix of fine and medium bark mixed with perlite. Plants need moderate, indirect light for optimal growth. You should pay attention to the plant's moisture needs, ensuring a balanced watering routine, allowing the orchid mix to approach dryness between waterings. With a temperature range of 14-18 degrees Celsius at night and 24-28 degrees Celsius during the day, this species is suitable for growing in your home, in a terrarium or paludarium or in your cool to intermediate greenhouse.




Plant Size: Mature, potted orchid several pseudobulbs

Provenance: Divisions from our stock plant

Family: Orchidaceae

Plant Passport: A Maxillaria variabilis B 141589 c 11809 d GB

Maxillaria variabilis 'purple flower clone'

SKU: Maxillaria variabilis

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