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Peperomia argyreia is from Brazil’s Atlantic coast. The species has been introduced and has gone feral in Columbia and Venezuela. Plants grow to about 20cm and sporadically produce small green flowers.


These plants are flowering size and growing in pots. Grow Peperomia argyreia in a pot with a small amount of coarse moss mixed with fine bark or in a pot with a medium/fine bark media with perlite and chopped moss. Grow your plant in moderate light, never in direct sunlight during the summer and give it a lot of water on warmer days during the summer months. Grow plants in a warm or intermediate greenhouse with night-time temperatures of 14 - 20 degrees and daytime temperatures of 24 to 32 degrees. Plants are easily grown indoors in suitable conditions and flower if given sufficient light and a difference in day/night temperature.


Family – Piperaceae

Plant Passport - A Peperomia argyreia B 140084 c 9820 d GB

Peperomia argyreia

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