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Restrepia contorta is a species from Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. In the wild this species inhabits lower montane cloud forest at elevations between 1,300 and 3,200 metres. Inflorescences measure 2.5 cm, emerge from the bases of the leaves and bear solitary flowers. Plants bloom during the summer.


This plant is flowering size and is growing in a pot. Grow Restrepia contorta on a mount or in a pot and use a moss/bark mix as a media. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement particularly when gown in humidity above 70%; always ensure that humidity is sufficiently high and give the plant moderate light. Plants need to be grown wet; I grow this species sitting in a small amount of water on capillary matting. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 9-15 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-30 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if cool night temperatures, sufficient humidity and air circulation are provided.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Restrepia contorta B 140084 c 9273 d GB

Restrepia contorta

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