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Scaphosepalum swertiifolium is from Columbia and Ecuador. In the wild this species inhabits wet mountain cloud forest at elevations between 600 and 2,200 metres. Inflorescences measure 5-15cm, emerge from the ramicauls and bear several successively opening flowers that each measure 7cm across. The plant blooms at any time of the year and large plants grown well will remain in flower year-round. Blooming is subject to environmental and cultural conditions being favourable.


This plant is flowering size. Grow Scaphosepalum swertiifolium in a pot or basket and use sphagnum moss as a media. Make sure plants gets sufficient air movement particularly when gown in humidity above 80%; always ensure that humidity is sufficiently high. Give the plant moderate shade. Plants need to be grown wet; I grow my Scaph species sitting in water. This plant grows well in an intermediate to cold greenhouse or indoors in suitable conditions, including, a difference between day and night temperature, air movement and sufficient humidity.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Scaphosepalum swertiifolium B 140084 c 7542 d GB

Scaphosepalum swertiifolium

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