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Sphyrospermum buxifolium


This is one of my ultimate favourite neo tropical blueberries,Sphyrospermum buxifolium, native to Southern Mexico and extending into Tropical America, is a hemiepiphytic subshrub or shrub thriving in the wet tropical biome. Embracing both medicinal and culinary significance, this plant serves dual roles as a valuable resource in traditional practices and sustenance.

This is a perfect Terrarium plant especially for a background as it will eventually fill in the space it's perfect because it also has small leaves so it will not look out of place in a terrarium setting.

The plant will have small single flowers that will turn into a single blueberry when the flower drops the colour of the berries range from white with a purple hue to a light lavender to a bright purple.

Sphyrospermum buxifolium
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