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Welcome to Orchid Botanics

Orchid Botanics is a Bristol (UK) based online plant store that specializes in rare and unusual tropical plant species, with a focus on orchids. The decades of experience in growing and sourcing plants has led us to import genuinely rare orchids and other tropical species from 14 different countries. We are passionate about providing the best quality plants to our customers at an affordable price.

Caladenia orientalis 8.JPG

Our Stockplants and what is in propagation

Our Nursery's inventory is ever-evolving, so if you are interested in what species we have but are not for sale, be sure to check our Stock Plants List regularly for new and exciting plants we have added. Get in touch if there is something that you are interested in, we will put your name on a waiting list for a division.

We propagate a wide range of plants and offer them online for your convenience. Stay up-to-date on our upcoming plant offerings with our Propagation list, which includes the plants we are currently growing and those that will soon be available for purchase.


We announce international pre-orders of CITES plants on our social media feeds and place lists here complete with ordering instructions.


We make some lists and plants exclusive for members of specific orchid societies at select orchid shows they host. 

To facilitate this with full legal compliance (paying taxes, CITES, Phytosanitory documents and inspections) a trader can not just allow anyone to select plants from a list. Doing this legally would add significant costs onto the list price (at least tripple).

We have established a schedule to provide transparency and ensure we import varied genera into the UK.

Import Schedule

Caleana major 25.JPG

March - April 2024 pre-order

Closing date - 15th January 2024

Glasgow Orchid Show pre-order

Closing date - 30th January 2024

May 2024 pre-order

Anathallis, Dracula,, Platystele, Pteroceras, Stichorkis

Closing date - 15th February 2024

Malvern2024 pre-order

Closing date - 1st March 2024

August 2024 pre-order

Dichaea, Epidendrum, Restrepia

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