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Tillandsia vernicosa, a distinctive species hailing from Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. In its native habitat, this air plant is a lithophyte in semi-arid terrain, an epiphyte within dense and drier forest ecosystems, and even thrives as an epiphyte on cacti at elevations ranging from 500 to 2,500 meters. This ecological versatility underscores its capacity to adapt to varying environmental conditions when in cultivation.


While not primarily cultivated for its flowers, Tillandsia vernicosa adorns itself with red bracts that bear delicate white flowers, each measuring 2 cm across. This plant is flowering size and thoughtfully grown on a mount, and epitomizes a harmonious blend of ecological adaptation and visual allure.


Cultivate Tillandsia vernicosa on a mount to replicate its natural ecological setting, ensuring optimal air movement, especially in humidity exceeding 60%. A commitment to maintaining humidity levels above 50%, providing moderate light, and a daily, light spraying regimen mimicking natural moisture conditions contributes to the species' well-being. This species needs an intermediate or cool greenhouse/terrarium environment is recommended, characterized by diurnal temperatures ranging from 19-28 degrees and nocturnal temperatures of 10-17 degrees.



Scientific Specifications:


Plant Size: Flowering size, grown on a mount

Family: Bromeliaceae

Provenance: Purchased from the EU as an unknown Tillandsia in 2017

Plant Passport: A Tillandsia vernicosa B 140084 c 11448 d GB

Tillandsia vernicosa

SKU: Tillandsia vernicosa

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