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Gongora scaphephorus is a species found in Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. In the wild this species lives on trees in wet forest at elevations between 550 - 1,200 metres. The inflorescences are pendent, bear several scented flowers that each measure 5.5cm across. The plant blooms during autumn.


This is a large plant of 6+ mature pseudobulbs and growing in a pot. Grow Gongora scaphephorus in a pot or in a basket with a medium bark media mixed with moss or perlite. Give your plant bright light, and water it consistently all year. Plants grow well in an intermediate to warm greenhouse and appreciate night-time temperatures of 15-20 degrees and day temperatures of 26 to 32 degrees. This plant will grow indoors but is unlikely to flower until plants are large and given bright enough light.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Gongora scaphephorus B 140084 c 11712 d GB

Gongora scaphephorus

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