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Welcome to Orchid Botanics

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Discover genuinely rare and unusual tropical plants



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Orchid genera available for pre-order:

Please note that all plants will be imported lawfully with CITES and phytosanitory paperwork. Documents will automatically be provided with every order.


The additional costs of export/import tarrifs, CITES, cargo broker fees, phyto, taxes amounts to a minimum of 35% on top of the purchase price. For full transparency, the costs will be added to your invoice.


Orchid Botanics have never and do not support any trade that cut corners, fraudulently deceive the HMRC or DEFRA and bring plants in illegally or labelled as something that they are not .


About Orchid Botanics

Orchid Botanics is a Bristol-based online plants store that specializes in rare and unusual tropical plant species, with a focus on orchids. We have over 30 years of growing experience and have been in business since 2011. We import orchids and other tropical species from 13 countries to bring you the best selection of plants. Our team is passionate about plants and we want to share our knowledge with you.

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Thank you for becoming part of the OB team.

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