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Dendrobium dixanthum is from Myanmar and Thailand. In the wild this species inhabits a the forest canopy at elevations around 700 metres. Inflorescence’s are short, emerge from the upper nodes of 1 year old leafless canes and bear 2-5 flowers that each measure 4 cm across. Plants bloom during the spring months.


These plants are flowering size and growing in pots and mounted. Please tell us which you prefer. Grow Dendrobium dixanthum on a mount with a small amount of coarse moss or in a pot with a medium/fine bark media. Plants grow better on a mount. Flowering is stimulated by light and a difference in day and night temperature. Grow your plant in bright light, never in direct sunlight during the summer and give it a lot of water while its actively growing and reduced water during the winter. Grow plants in a warm or intermediate greenhouse with night-time temperatures of 15 - 18 degrees and daytime temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees. Plants can be grown indoors in suitable conditions but will only flower if given sufficient light and a difference in day/night temperature.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Dendrobium dixanthum B 140084 c 8135 d GB

Dendrobium dixanthum

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