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Yucca rostrata, commonly known as Beaked Yucca, is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant native

to the arid regions of northern Mexico and western Texas in the United States. This species

typically inhabits rocky slopes, desert scrublands, and open woodlands, thriving in the dry,

well-drained soils and sunny environments characteristic of these areas.


Description and Key Features:


Yucca rostrata is noted for its striking, architectural form and distinctive foliage. The plant

features a thick, woody trunk topped with a dense rosette of narrow, blue-green leaves that

are stiff and sword-shaped. The leaves have a unique, beaked appearance at their tips, giving

the plant its common name. In late spring to early summer, Yucca rostrata produces tall

spikes of creamy white flowers that rise above the foliage, adding to its dramatic visual



This species is a visually appealing addition to any landscape, whether in a garden, desert themed landscape, or as a striking focal point in a container. Its bold form and low maintenance make it a standout choice for various outdoor settings.


Care Instructions:


For optimal growth, Yucca rostrata should be placed in full sun. While it can tolerate partial

shade, it thrives best with ample sunlight. Ensure the plant is in well-draining soil, such as a

sandy or gravelly mix, to prevent waterlogging. Water the plant sparingly, allowing the soil to

dry out completely between waterings, and reduce the frequency during the cooler months

when the plant's growth slows.

Maintain an environment with daytime temperatures ranging from 15-38 degrees Celsius and

nighttime temperatures between 3-20 degrees Celsius. Yucca rostrata is highly tolerant of

drought and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for xeriscaping. It prefers

low humidity and is resistant to most pests and diseases, requiring minimal maintenance

once established.




Plant Size: Mature size, suitable for landscape planting or large containers.

Family: Asparagaceae

Plant Passport: A Yucca rostrata B 140084 c 12589 d GB

Yucca rostrata

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