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Peperomia tetraphylla is a species found in Asia, Africa, and South America. Plants inhabit a variety of forests as an epiphyte often high in the canopy or as a terrestrial forming mat. Inflorescences are short and are vertical, extending beyond the leaves, and flowers are inconspicuous. Plants bloom at any time of the year.


This is a smaller plant and is growing in a pot. Grow Peperomia tetraphylla on a mount or in a pot and use a moss and fine bark mix as a media. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement particularly when gown in humidity above 70%; always ensure that humidity is high and give the plant moderate light. Plants need to be relatively damp and should certainly not stay dry for long. This species likes an intermediate to warm greenhouse with night low temperatures of 14-17 degrees and daytime temperatures of 24-30 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if ample light, sufficient humidity, and air circulation are provided.


This plant is an example of just how much misinformation there is about plants on the internet and used by retailers who then mis sell to unsuspecting houseplant customers. There is a statement on one retailers website claiming that this is a hybrid, a claim not fact checked or substantiated with any scientific reference. The sheer number of sellers, some claiming to be specialists, that have not bothered to research or validate the information is staggering. It shows how so many just rehash the words from other websites and probably know very little about plants.



Family – Piperaceae

Plant Passport - A Peperomia tetraphylla B 140084 c 11027 d GB

Peperomia tetraphylla

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