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Impatiens sodenii is a species from Kenya and Tanzania. In the wild this species grows a terrestrial. Information about how it grows in the wild is scarce. This species has become naturalised in New Zealand and Australia where it has escaped cultivation. Plants measure c150 cm. Inflorescences are short and bear a few flowers that measure about 2.5-3 cm across. Plants usually bloom during the summer and autumn. Propagation is from cutting or by seed. If you grow this species outdoors, look around the garden and dig up the new seedlings before the first frosts.


These are flowering size plants and growing on mounts. Grow Impatiens sodenii in a pot with a fine bark, soil and perlite media. Grow your plant in moderate shade, never in direct or bright sunlight. Give your plant plenty of water and don’t let it dry out. This plant grows well in an intermediate to cool greenhouse and appreciates night-time temperatures of 8-16 degrees and day temperatures of 20 to 29 degrees. This is not an indoor plant but will live happily on a shaded balcony or in your garden only needing shelter when temperatures fall below 5 degrees.


Family –        Balsaminaceae

Plant Passport - A Impatiens sodenii B 140084 c 10109 d GB

Impatiens sodenii

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