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Remusatia vivipara is widespread from west Africa through Asia and to Australia. Plants inhabit tropical forests just outside or on the periphery of the equatorial zone. Plants have been found at higher elevation within equatorial areas. This species can be an epiphyte on large Ficus vasta or it is a terrestrial and lithophyte. The wide distribution is due to the bulbils from the plant attach to birds who then disperse the species. The ramicauls measure up to 11 cm. Plants attain heights of 50 cm, the leaves are solitary and up to 40 cm long and 30 cm wide. Plants flower rarely and are green and white. Tubers are used for cooking in India and Oman.


This plant is adult growing from a 6-8 cm tuber and is growing in a pot. The tubers are now poking through and are actively growing. Grow Remusatia vivipara in a pot and use a moss/soil/perlite/bark or other tropical terrestrial mix as a media. Plants can also be put into the garden in a mulched area. Plants in the garden will survive frists but will die back until the spring. Make sure plants gets sufficient air movement particularly when gown in greenhouses or conservatories where humidity above 70%; always ensure that humidity is moderate and give plants indirect light. Plants need to be grown reasonably wet. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 4-15 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-28 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if cool night temperatures, sufficient humidity and air circulation are provided.


Family – Araceae

Plant Passport - A Remusatia vivipara B 140084 c 11639 d GB

Remusatia vivipara

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