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Dendrochilum pangasinanense is a species from the Philippines. In the wild this species grows as an epiphyte in montane cloud forest and on roadsides as a lithophyte at elevations below 900 metres. Inflorescences measure 13-18 cm, bear many flowers that measures about 1.2 cm across. Plants usually bloom during the spring and summer.


These are flowering size plants and growing in pots. Grow Dendrochilum pangasinanense in a pot with a fine bark and moss media, and with moderate shade, never in direct or bright sunlight. Give your plant plenty of water and don’t let it dry out. I never let this plant dry out. This plant grows well in an intermediate to warm greenhouse and appreciates night-time temperatures of 12-18 degrees and day temperatures of 24 to 32 degrees. If growing this species indoors, make sure that there is sufficient air movement, particularly as new growths develop. Your plant will need warmth, good light, and humidity to flower.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Dendrochilum pangasinanense B 140084 c 6700 d GB

Dendrochilum panagasinanense

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