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Habitat and Location:

Tillandsia fasciculata, a widespread species found from the USA to Venezuela and the Caribbean, showcases remarkable adaptability as an epiphyte. Found in drier forests and swamps, this air plant grows on trunks, branches, and forks of branches in either full sun or shade.


Description and Key Features:

Tillandsia fasciculata is a striking air plant flowering in hues of red, or red and yellow stems (which are the bracts) and purple flowers. Meticulously grown on a mount, this flowering-size specimen promises to be a distinctive addition to your greenhouse, terrarium, paludarium or indoor space. Thriving in varying light conditions, its shape, size, or colour is not significantly affected.


Care Instructions:

Grow Tillandsia fasciculata on a mount for optimal air circulation, ensuring sufficient air movement, especially in humidity above 60%. Provide moderate light for growth, spray lightly every day to mimic natural moisture conditions, and maintain an intermediate or cool greenhouse/terrarium with night temperatures of 14-22 degrees and daytime temperatures of 19-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth with cool night temperatures, ample light, and consistent watering schedules.




Plant Size: Flowering size, grown on a mount.

Provenance: Purchased from the EU as an unknown Tillandsia in 2023

Family: Bromeliaceae

Plant Passport: A Tillandsia fasciculata B 140084 c 11229 d GB

Tillandsia fasicularia

SKU: Tillandsia fasicularia

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