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Trachelosepermum jasminoides is from Japan, China, Taiwan, Laos, Korea and north Vietnam. Plants will naturally attain heights of 4 metres and spread 3 metres when left to grow in amenable conditions. Flowers measure 2.5 cm across and are intensely scented. This plant is cultivated for its perfume and its oils used in fragrances. Plants bloom during the summer.


This is a flowering sized plant and is in a pot. Grow Trachelosepermum jasminoides in a pot with a fine bark, soil and perlite mix. Grow your plant outdoors year-round in warmer parts of the country or shelter your plant during the winter. Plants grow indoors as houseplants. If growing indoors or a greenhouse, give plants sufficient air movement and with a difference between day and night temperatures. Plants need bright light all year. Never allow plants to dehydrate completely.


Family – Apocynaceae

Plant Passport - A Trachelosepermum jasminoides B 140084 c 11008 d GB

Trachelosepermum jasminoides

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