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Woodwardia unigemmata is a species of fern found from Pakistan through to east Asia and down to New Guinea. Plants inhabit wet forests. Emerging and immature fronds are a reddish-brown colour and become green as they age. Fronds measure 1-1.5 metres long on mature plants and plants attain heights of 1.5 metres.


This plant is adult size and is growing in a pot. Grow Woodwardia unigemmata in a pot and use a soil, mulch, grit, and fine bark mix as a media. Grow plants in shade. Make sure the plant is grown wet and never dries out. This species will grow outdoors to minus 5 but benefits from being covered by a fleece below freezing. If this species is not grown outside, grow it in a cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 05-14 degrees and daytime temperatures of 19-28 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if cooler night temperatures, sufficient humidity and air circulation are provided.



Plant size - the frons are now just emerging from the dormant plant

Provenance - imported from India December 2023

Family – Aspleniaceae

Plant Passport - A Woodwardia unigemmata B 140084 c 11673 d GB

Woodwardia unigemmata

SKU: Woodwardia unigemmata

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