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Habitat and Location:

Datura innoxia, commonly known as Thorn Apple or Indian Apple, is a herbaceous perennial

plant native to the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America, and parts of South

America. This species typically inhabits arid and semi-arid regions, thriving in disturbed soils,

along roadsides, and in open fields.

Description and Key Features:

Datura innoxia is noted for its large, trumpet-shaped flowers and distinctive foliage. The plant

features broad, ovate leaves that are gray-green and slightly fuzzy. The flowers are white or

pale lavender, often reaching up to 20 cm in length, and exude a pleasant fragrance,

especially in the evening. Following flowering, the plant produces spiny, spherical seed pods,

which give it the common name "Thorn Apple."

This species is a visually striking addition to any garden, particularly in xeriscape designs,

cottage gardens, or as a focal point in large containers. Its dramatic flowers and unique seed

pods make it a standout choice for various outdoor settings.

Care Instructions:

For optimal growth, Datura innoxia should be placed in full sun. While it can tolerate partial

shade, it thrives best with ample sunlight. Ensure the plant is in well-draining soil, such as

sandy or loamy mixes, to prevent waterlogging. Water the plant regularly, allowing the soil to

dry out slightly between waterings, and reduce the frequency during the cooler months when

the plant's growth slows.

Maintain an environment with daytime temperatures ranging from 20-35 degrees Celsius and

nighttime temperatures between 7-20 degrees Celsius. Datura innoxia is relatively drought￾tolerant once established and can withstand high temperatures. It prefers low to moderate

humidity and is resistant to most pests and diseases, requiring minimal maintenance


Plant Size: Mature size, suitable for landscape planting or large containers.

Family: Solanaceae

Plant Passport: A Datura innoxia B 140084 c 12735 d GB


All parts of Datura innoxia are highly toxic if ingested. Handle with care and keep away from

children and pets.

Datura innoxia

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