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Ledebouria socialis is a species from Cape Province in South Africa. Plants inhabit seasonal dry woodlands growing as a terrestrial or in gorges and on cliff faces as a lithophyte. Plants never exceed more than 20 cm high, and the leaves vary in size and pattern. The bulbs grow above ground. Inflorescences bear a few flowers during the autumn months.

This plant is flowering size and is growing in a pot. Grow Ledebouria socialis in a pot and use a gravel, sand, and fine bark mix as a media. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement particularly when it's gown in humidity above 60%; always ensure that humidity is not too high and give the plant reasonable light. Plants need to be grown dry. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 11-17 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-32 degrees. Plants will grow well indoors if cooler night temperatures, light and air circulation are provided.

Family – Asparagaceae

Plant Passport - A Ledebouria socialis B 140084 c 11016 d GB

Ledebouria socialis


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