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Pilea libanensis is a species from Cuba. Although, all the horticultural and houseplant sites note this plant as Pilea libanensis, I have not yet been able to fact check the original description to verify this. Plants are found in open and often bright locations where it often scrambles over rocks, gravel and even on walls. The plants spread outwards or are pendent. The leaves on are small, ovate, and the colour varies from deep green to bluish green.


This is an adult size plant, and it is growing in a pot. Grow Pilea libanensis in a pot with a perlite, grit and fine and medium mixed bark media. Do not grow this plant in coca or peat mixes as this is a tropical plant and a soil suitable for a swamp is going to kill it. Give your plant moderate light, plants do look healthier in lower light, never give the plant bright or direct sunlight and give it a lot of water all year. It can be difficult to get plants going again if the dry out and the leaves fall but with care and patience, it may grow back. Plants grow well in an intermediate to warm greenhouse, and they appreciate night-time temperatures of 15 to 22 degrees and day temperatures of 22 to 32 degrees. This species likes a distinct difference between day and night temperature. This species will grow well indoors.



Family – Urticaceae

Plant Passport - A Pilea depressa B 140084 c 10611 d GB

Pilea libanensis

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