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Description and Key Features:


Goeppertia majestica is noted for its striking foliage, characterized by large, elongated leaves

with a distinctive pattern. The leaves are dark green, or varying shades of green with thin,

pinkish-white pinstripes running parallel along the length of the leaf, creating a stunning

visual effect. The undersides of the leaves are typically a deep maroon, adding an additional

layer of contrast and beauty. This species is primarily grown for its ornamental leaves, as its

flowers are small and less noticeable.


This species is a visually appealing addition to any plant collection, whether in a greenhouse,

or as a houseplant. Its unique leaf pattern and vibrant colours make it a standout choice for

various indoor settings.


Care Instructions:


For optimal growth, Goeppertia majestica should be placed in deep shade. While it can

tolerate moderate light conditions, it thrives best with low light. Ensure the plant is in a well draining soil mix, such as a tropical terrestrial mix, to maintain adequate moisture without

waterlogging. Water the plant regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not soggy,

and reduce the frequency during the cooler months.


Maintain an intermediate to warm environment with daytime temperatures ranging from 18-

24 degrees Celsius and nighttime temperatures between 15-20 degrees Celsius. Goeppertia

majestica prefers high humidity, so regular misting or placing the plant on a humidity tray

can help maintain the desired moisture levels. Avoid placing the plant in drafts or sudden

temperature changes, as it is sensitive to such conditions.




Plant Size: Mature size, plants 35 cm tall

Family: Marantaceae

Plant Passport: A Goeppertia majestica B 140084 c 12750 d GB

Goeppertia majestica

SKU: Goeppertia majestica

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