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Amorphophallus muelleri

Amorphophallus muelleri is a species from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. In the wild this species inhabits open and seasonal forests on the forest floor. Plants measure 30-40 cm. Inflorescence’s or growths emerge in the spring and bear a solitary flower. Placing puts in a propagator in a warm place will induce growths to emerge.


Grow Amorphophallus muelleri in a pot with a mixture of medium/fine bark, soil, perlite, or a general terrestrial orchid mix. Grow plants in moderate shade, never in direct sunlight during the summer and provide a lot of water while its actively growing and reduce the water almost completely during the winter or when the plant has died back. Grow plants in a warm or intermediate greenhouse with night-time temperatures of 14 - 20 degrees and daytime temperatures of 25 to 32 degrees. Plants can be grown indoors in suitable conditions but will only flower if given sufficient light and heat to get them going and a difference in day/night temperature.


Plant size: These plants are young, are seed raised by us and growing in pots (second year) and are currently dormant.

Provenance- Imported seeds 2022 from Java.

Family Araecae

Plant Passport - A Amorphophallus muelleri B 140084 c 9975 d GB

Amorphophallus muelleri

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