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Anthurium crystallinum is a popular species native to the rainforests of central and south America from Panama to Peru.


Anthurium crystallinum are perennial epiphytes meaning they enjoy climbing, so we recommend that they be mounted on bark or a moss pole for best growing. The leaves on this stunning species can grow up to 45 cm and can have variations of green to dark green velvety leaves with striking silver veining, that can be thin and sharp or thicker with less defined edges depending on what location the plant is originally from. These stunning plants do flower inflorescences with bright green spathes with a very this light green spadix.


It's recommended that they are kept in temps of 16c minimum, with a night time temperature range between 19c and 24c and daytime between 23c and 30c. Along with warm temps we recommend a humidity level of 60% to 80%. Whilst they can tolerate going to 50% we don’t recommend this is you want optimal growth. We recommend bright indirect light, to mimic its rainforest conditions.

Leave your new plant in the compost it comes in for at least a month allowing your plant to become acclimatised to your environment. We recommend either a chunky and airy aroid mix, or sphagnum moss, as these types of mixes provide necessary air circulation whilst also retaining moisture. It is important to make sure that your substrate is kept moist but do not overwater as to not cause root rot. We recommend to water every 2 to 5 days or when soil is dry to touch in the summer and every 2 to 3 weeks in winter. Fertilize the plant with every watering in summer and once a month in winter. Finally keep out of reach from pets and children as this plant is toxic if ingested.


Plant Size - 3-6 leaves on adult plants.

Provenance - From an import in 2022. These plants have recovered from cold damage inflicted in December 22.

Family – Araceae

Plant Passport - A Anthurium crystalinum B 140084 c 9995 d GB

Anthurium crystallinum

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