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Habitat and Location:

Averrhoa carambola, an Indonesian fruit from the islands of Sulawesi, Java, and Maluku. This species is commonly called the star fruit.


Plant Description:

Plants attain heights of 5-12 metres when grown in warmer climates in the ground. Naturally, plants in pots will grow shorter. The colour of the wood is reddish, although is white when immature. This species is slow growing. The bell-shaped flowers are purple or pale red and the trees bloom at any time of the year. Trees are capable of producing fruit as quickly as one year following germination.


Besides being a fruit, plants are also used to remove stains from linen from the juice. Care does need to be taken eating too much as the fruit contains oxalate, which is dangerous in larger quantities particularly in people with kidney problems. In traditional Asian medicine, plants are used to treat chickenpox, headaches and internal parasites.


There are different forms of the fruit which vary in the concentration of sugars they contain.


Care Instructions:

Grow Averrhoa carambola in a pot with a fake peat, perlite, and fine bark media. Ensure sufficient air movement, especially in humidity above 50%. Provide moderate to bright light for growth and flowers, keep the pots media constantly damp to mimic natural moisture conditions increasing watering in frequency during warmer weather, and maintain an intermediate or warm greenhouse or conservatory with night temperatures of 15-24 degrees and daytime temperatures of 22-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth in a large pot with bright light, and consistent but less watering schedules.




Plant Size: Saplings, 10-20 cm tall.

Family: Oxalidaceae

Plant Passport: A Averrhoa carambola B 140084 c 12430 d GB

Averrhoa carambola - Star Fruit

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