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Columnea brenneri is from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Information about its ecology is scarce. Inflorescences bear 1-3 flowers that measure 5 cm across. Plants bloom at any time of the year.


This is an established flowering size plant and it's growing in a pot. Grow Columnea brenneri in a pot with fine bark mixed with moss and sphagnum moss or on a mount. Grow plants in moderate to deep shade, and never in direct or bright sunlight. Plants do not like to dry out and need excellent quality water all year. Plants grow well in a cool to intermediate greenhouse or terrarium and appreciate night-time temperatures of 13 to 17 degrees and daytime temperatures of 20 to 29 degrees. Plants grow well indoors and will flower if given a big enough difference between day and night temperature.


Family –        Gesneriaceae

Plant Passport - A Columnea brenneri B 140084 c 9803 d GB

Columnea brenneri

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