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Habitat and Location:

Delosperma lehmannii, found in South Africa, this pretty species thrives amidst rocky terrain, showcasing its unique semi-lithophytic habit. Typically discovered in quartz sand and soil, this critically endangered succulent adorns semi-arid habitat close to Port Elizabeth. Urban expansion, particularly around Port Elizabeth, has led to the extinction of four out of six registered populations, with mining activities further endangering remaining habitats.


Delosperma lehmannii showcases compact growth with glaucous leaves featuring a characteristic triangular section. The leaves, forked at three angles, measure up to 4 cm in length (mostly 20–25 mm) and 8–10 mm in width, spaced apart along the stems. The flowers, approximately 4 cm in diameter, consist of six sepals and translucent white to straw-colored petals that decrease in length towards the centre.


Care Instructions:

Optimal air circulation, warmth and bright light is essential for Delosperma lehmannii's growth; thus, it thrives when mounted to ensure sufficient air movement, especially in humidity exceeding 50%. Provide moderate to bright light for optimal growth and flowering, lightly misting weekly to simulate natural moisture conditions, adjusting frequency during warmer weather. Maintain an intermediate to warm greenhouse or terrarium with night temperatures ranging from 12-22 degrees Celsius and daytime temperatures from 22-31 degrees Celsius. Suitable for indoor cultivation with ample light, it requires consistent yet sparing watering.




Plant Size: Flowering size, grown on a mount.

Provenance: Purchased from the EU in 2023.

Family: Aizoaceae

Plant Passport: A Delosperma lehmannii B 140084 c 11059 d GB

Delosperma lehmannii

SKU: Delosperma lehmannii

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