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Habitat and Location:

Eulophia ugandae, a species from Ethiopia, Uganda, and the DRCongo. Said to be an occasional epiphyte (? Source?), this terrestrial is localised in its distribution. Found growing on the forest floor in slightly open, damp and humid places.


Description and Key Features:

Eulophia ugandae is an easy to grow species, the plant produces sprays of attractive white and mauve flowers in the autumn.


Care Instructions:

Grow Eulophia ugandae in a pot with a media consisting of fine bark, soil, perlite, grit and moss. Ensure the plant is in shade and its media does not dry out. Provide low light for good growth and flowers, never let the media dry out completely, keep watering consistent and feed lightly in every water. Maintain an intermediate to warm greenhouse or larger paludarium with night temperatures of 15-20 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth if it gets a difference in day and night temperature, humidity and consistent watering.




Plant Size: Flowering size, grown in a pot.

Family: Orchidaceae

Plant Passport: A Eulophia ugandae B 140084 c 12398 d GB

Eulophia ugandae

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