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Habitat and Location:

Pholidota wenshanica, an endemic species to China growing in the southern province Yunnan. Information about its habit in the wild is scarce. Once considered a synonym of Pholidota leveilleana, it was raised to species status in 2019.


Description and Key Features:

Pholidota wenshanica is an easy to grow species, it reliably flowers every year providing that its cultivated correctly. The pseudobulbs measure 7-8 cm long and produce two leaves. The leaves are a lanceolate-oblong shape and measure 25-30 cm x 3-3.5 cm. The inflorescence is short but bears 30-40 flowers.


Care Instructions:

Grow Pholidota wenshanica on a mount or in a pot with a media consisting of fine bark, perlite and moss. Ensure sufficient air movement, especially in humidity above 70%. Provide moderate to bright light for growth and flowers, never let the media dry out completely and feed lightly in every water. Maintain an intermediate or warm greenhouse or larger paludarium with night temperatures of 16-22 degrees and daytime temperatures of 22-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth with enough light, and a difference in day and night temperature.




Plant Size: Flowering size, grown in a pot with 5-7 mature pseudobulbs.

Family: Orchidacease

Plant Passport: A Pholidota wenshanica B 140084 c 12410 d GB

Pholidota wenshanica

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