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Polystichum luctuosum, conspecific with Polystichum tsus-simense, is a fern species native to the cool and shaded subtropical woodlands of Japan, China, Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam. This elegant fern graces the forest floors and rocky slopes, always in shaded, wet and humid places. Plants attain heights of 45-50 cm.


Cultural Preferences and Botanical Care:

Grow Polystichum luctuosum in partial to full shade, favouring well-drained, moist soil. However, do not allow this species to dry out. Plants will grow outdoors in the UK but require frost protection. Plants are best grown indoors, in a greenhouse or in a shaded conservatory. In indoor environments, replicate these conditions with deep shade, and keep the watering schedules consistent. Botanical enthusiasts will appreciate its adaptability, making it a resilient and verdant companion with moderate care.



Plant size: These are established plants that are 40-50cm tall

Provenance: Imported from the EU May 2023 in a collection of ferns

Family: Dryopteridaceae

Plant Passport: A Polystichum luctuosum B 140633 c 10714 d GB

Polystichum luctuosum

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