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Adromischus maculatus is a species from the Cape Province in South Africa. Plants inhabit sandstone slopes in the Langeberg mountains. Plants only ever measure up to 15cm high and rarely branch. The leaves are mottled, and the amount of mottling varies. Inflorescences measure 45 cm and bear several white or mauve coloured flowers, the flowers each measure 1 cm across. Plants bloom during the summer months.


This is a large flowering size plant growing in a pot. Grow Adromischus maculatus in a pot and use a media that is a mixture of perlite, fine bark, grit, sand and stone. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement particularly when grown in humidity above 50%; always ensure that humidity is low to moderate and give the plant moderate shade. Plants need to be grown dry; the media needs to dry before watering and watering should be reduced further during cooler weather. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 13-17 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-35 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if cooler night temperatures, good light and a small amount of air circulation is provided.



Family – Crassulaceae

Plant Passport - A Adromischus maculatus B 140084 c 11176 d GB

Adromischus maculatus

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