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Habitat and Location:

Camellia sinensis, is a species from China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India.


Description and Key Features:

Camellia sinensis is often encountered in cooler mountain habitats in Indonesia, India and other areas outside its native range. Young leaves can be picked and dried to make tea leaves. Plants will attain a height of 2.5 metres in 10 years if planted outside, protected from frosts and kept moist during spring.


Care Instructions:

Grow Camellia sinensis in a pot and use a media suitable for acidic loving plants. We prefer ericaceous soil mixed with perlite, fine orchid bark and charcoal. Provide moderate to bright light for best growth and flowers, give plants fertilizer regularly and provide high humidity in the afternoons and evenings. Make sure the media stays damp and never gets dry. Grow outdoors in a sheltered position and put fleece over the plant before hard frosts. Grow in a cool or unheated greenhouse with night temperatures of -5-16 degrees and daytime summer temperatures of 22-28 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth with consistent watering, light, and a difference in day and night temperature.




Plant Size: Adult size growing in a pot. Plants 55-70 cm tall.

Family: Theaceae

Plant Passport: A Camellia sinensis B 140084 c 12479 d GB

Camellia sinensis - Tea

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