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Habitat and Location:

Anthurium regale, is a sought-after species from Peru. An epiphyte that is found low in the canopy (trunk epiphyte?) in lower light conditions and where humidity is highest. Plants have been found at near Moyobamba and Taropoto. There is a lot of misinformation on the web which has spread by house plant sellers just copying other peoples descriptions without fact checking what they are writing.


Description and Key Features:

Anthurium regale is one of the key species to collect for its silvery coloured veins. The leaves measure 35-100 cm and resemble Anthurium besseae based on the upper surface veining and velvety leaf texture. Anthurium regale differs from Anthurium besseae as the former’s leaves are bigger and its basal veins fuse together into the basal midrib. In Anthurium besseae, they are free to the base. (Croat, 2005).


Care Instructions:

Grow Anthurium regale in a pot and use a mixed media with perlite, fine bark and charcoal added. Caring for Anthurium regale is an easy job for an experienced grower. However, even a novice grower can take care of this plant with minimum gardening knowledge. Watch slugs and snails as they love Anthurium. As this species is found near the forest floor this plant doesn’t need bright light as that will damage the plant, low indirect light is suitable for this species. Anthurium regale prefer daytime temperatures between 23 and 32 Celsius and night-time temperatures from 15 – 22 Celsius.




Plant Size: 30 cm tall.

Family: Araceae

Plant Passport: A Anthurium regale B 140084 c 12472 d GB

Anthurium regale

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