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Habitat and Location:

Saxifraga stolonifera, is from Japan, Korea, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This species grows in the dirt, moss and humous amongst rocks. This species has become naturalised in Europe including the UK. Care needs to be taken if living southern England and if keeping this species indoors.


Description and Key Features:

Saxifraga stolonifera is a creeping ground cover/herb that could be mistaken for a Begonia. Plants are 10-20 tall.


The plant is used in Japanese cuisine and contains the anti-cancer chemical, quercetin.


Care Instructions:

Grow Saxifraga stolonifera on a mount or in a pot and use a fake peat, grit and fine bark mix as a media. Give plants bright light and daytime heat for the best growth. Plants need to be grown dry and should be watered sparingly. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 11-15 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-35 degrees. Plants will grow well indoors if cooler night temperatures and bright light are provided.




Plant Size: 10-16 cm tall.

Family: Saxifragaceae

Plant Passport: A Saxifraga stolonifera B 140084 c 12447 d GB

Saxifraga stolonifera

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