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Habitat and Location:

Albuca spiralis, is varied species from Cape Province in South Africa and is a member of the Asparagus family. As with so many plants sold within the houseplant market, there is a lot of misinformation about this species, perpetrated by online sellers copying each other’s product descriptions and not fact checking.


Plants almost exclusively grow in rocky and sandy environments, sometimes even with the bulbs growing in the cracks of rocks. In the wild, bulbs are mostly submerged in the sand and sometimes the top of the bulb is exposed. This is probably due to the wind-blown sand being in a constant state of movement.


Description and Key Features:

Albuca spiralis is bulbous and is not a caudex species. The degree of spiralling varies and plants rarely exceed 20 cm, although the inflorescence and flowers are taller and frequently exceed 20 cm. Flowers are yellow.


Care Instructions:

Grow Albuca spiralis in a pot and use a gravel, sand, grit and fine bark mix as a media. Make sure plants are not grown wet or too humid. Give plants bright light and daytime heat for the best growth. Plants need to be grown dry and should be watered sparingly. This species likes an intermediate to cool greenhouse with night low temperatures of 11-15 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-35 degrees. Plants will grow well indoors if cooler night temperatures and bright light are provided.




Plant Size: 20 cm tall.

Family: Asparagaceae

Plant Passport: A Albuca spiralis B 140084 c 12466 d GB

Albuca spiralis

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