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Lycium barbarum is from China. Plants have become naturalised in southern Australia.


Description and Key Features:

Lycium barbarum is uncommon in cultivation. Plants attain 1-3 metres and branches feely. The leaves are green and soft. Flowering is late summer and berries mature September to November. Plants self-pollinate.


Care Instructions:

Grow Lycium barbarum in a pot with a soil media or plant directly into the ground outdoors. Don’t let plants and media stay sodden in water when growing indoors as that may adversely affect the plant and give plants low/minimal light. Grow outdoors or in a warm cool with night temperatures of -5-15 degrees and daytime temperatures of 15-28 degrees.




Plant Size: Adult, 60-80 cm.

Family: Solanaceae

Plant Passport: A Lycium barbarum B 140084 c 12518 d GB

Lycium barbarum - Goji Berry

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