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Habitat and Location:

Vaccinium macrocarpon, commonly called the Cranberry, a species of fruit from North America, not a tropical plant but it certainly looks like it. Found in marshlands and wetlands, certain varieties are a commercial crop and fields where it grows are flooded where the berries float in the water after being shaken off the bushes.


Description and Key Features:

Vaccinium macrocarpon is a member of the blueberry family and is a groundcover, it produces white or pink flowers, the berries are not sweet, and sugar is added to the pulp.


Care Instructions:

Grow Vaccinium macrocarpon in a pot and grow outside or in an unheated greenhouse. Provide moderate to bright light for growth and flowers, give the plant fertilizer regularly and maintain its conditions on the acidic side. Make sure the media stays damp and never gets dry. Grow outside or maintain a cool greenhouse with night temperatures of -10-15 degrees and daytime summer temperatures of 22-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth with ample light, and a difference in day and night temperature.




Plant Size: Adult size growing in a pot.

Family: Ericaceae

Plant Passport: A Vaccinium macrocarpon B 140084 c 12487 d GB

Vaccinium macrocarpon - Cranberry

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