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Philodendron heterocraspedon, is a species native to Colombia. Its habitat is primary rainforest where it’s recorded growing as a climbing trunk epiphyte in high rainfall areas. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and using any source that it not of scientific origin as a reference, needs to be treated with caution.


Description and Key Features:

Philodendron heterocraspedon is a member of the Aroid family, as this species is a climber from high rainfall areas it will grow quickly in favourable conditions. The species has some resemblance to Philodendron patriciae.


Care Instructions:

Grow Philodendron heterocraspedon in a large shallow pot and grow using a media suitable for orchids from high rainfall areas with added moss. Provide moderate to low light for best growth and flowers, give plants fertilizer regularly and provide high humidity. Make sure the media stays damp and never gets dry. Grow in an intermediate greenhouse with night temperatures of 15-22 degrees and daytime summer temperatures of 22-31 degrees. Suitable for indoor growth with consistent watering, space, and a slight difference in day and night temperature.




Plant Size: Adult size growing in a pot. Plants 40 cm.

Family: Araceae

Plant Passport: A Philodendron heterocraspedon B 140084 c 12481 d GB

Philodendron heterocraspedon

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