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Begonia bowerae is a species from Mexico. Plants are found in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. There is limited credible information about the habitat and elevation, plants do live on the dark forest floor. Plants vary greatly with their patterning. Plants remain small and compact.


This is an adult size plant, and it is growing in a pot. Grow Begonia bowerae in a pot with a perlite, soil, and fine bark media. Do not grow this plant in coco or peat mixes as this is a tropical plant and a soil suitable for a swamp is going to kill it. Give your plant shade, plants do look healthier in lower light, never give the plant bright or direct sunlight and give it a lot of water all year. This species seems to be more forgiving for the leaves being sprayed with water and I haven’t had leaf melt yet. Plants grow well in an intermediate to warm greenhouse or terrarium, and they appreciate night-time temperatures of 15 to 22 degrees and day temperatures of 22 to 32 degrees. This species likes a distinct difference between day and night temperature. This species grows well indoors in a shadier position.



Family – Begoniaceae

Plant Passport - A Begonia bowerae B 140084 c 11087 d GB

Begonia bowerae

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