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Campanulorchis thao is from China and Vietnam. In the wild this species grows as an epiphyte in shady evergreen forest at elevations between 500 and 2,000 metres. Inflorescences are short, emerge from the bases of pseudobulbs, and bear solitary flowers. Flowers are scented and bloom from summer through to the autumn.


This plant is flowering size and plants are either on a mount or in a pot. Please tell us which you would prefer. Grow Campanulorchis thao in a pot or on a mount, in moderate shade and with sufficient water during the summer months while the plant is actively growing. Grow this species in a warm to intermediate greenhouse and give it night-time temperatures of 15 - 21 degrees and daytime temperatures of 26 to 33 degrees. Plants are better suited for a greenhouse but will grow and potentially flower indoors in a bright location or in a larger terrarium/paludarium with lights.


Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Campanulorchis thao B 140084 c 7585 d GB

Campanulorchis thao

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