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Cattleya bicalhoi is from Brazil. In the wild this species grows as an epiphyte in the Organ Mountains where it’s found on lichen covered branches of trees at elevations between 500 and 1,500 metres. Plants are relatively small, particularly for a Cattleya. Inflorescence’s measure c3 cm and bear a solitary flower that measure 3 cm across.


Grow Cattleya bicalhoi on a mount or in a pot with medium bark, in very bright light and water it year-round but drier in the winter, the plant itself needs to dry rapidly after watering. Increase water as new growths emerge in the spring. Grow your plant in bright to moderate light, brighter sunlight over the winter. Plants grow well in an intermediate greenhouse, and they appreciate night-time temperatures of 14-18 degrees and daytime temperatures of 26 to 30 degrees. Plants are suitable for growing indoors and will flower if given sufficient light.


Plant size – These are young plants 2 years from flowering size and growing on mounts.

Family – Orchidaceae

Plant Passport - A Cattleya bicalhoi B 140084 c 12264 d GB

Cattleya bicalhoi

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