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Habitat and Location:

Corybas umbrosus, a species endemic to Java, Indonesia. This species has so far only been found on the southern slopes of a few mountains at higher altitudes. This species favours growing in leaf litter and humous similar to the Corybas in Australia.


Description and Key Features:

Corybas umbrosus is rarely seen in cultivation, with flowers that look more like the Australian Corybas species. The leaves are green with slight venation, have undulate margins and measure 2-2.5 cm. The tubers are tiny, 2-4 mm, the smallest I have come across. Flowers are 2 cm. This plant is meticulously grown in a pot, this flowering-size specimen promises to be a distinctive addition to your greenhouse, terrarium or paludarium.


Care Instructions:

Grow Corybas umbrosus in a pot with a cover to maintain high humidity, air circulation is rarely important and is more likely to adversely affect the plant than benefit it. Don’t let plants and media stay sodden in water as that may adversely affect the plant and give plants low/minimal light. This species is more likely to want to stay drier than other species in our collection. However, do not let the plant dry out. As with Australian Corybas, its beneficial to keep plants slightly moist and the roots cool. This can be achieved by adding grit to the media. Provide water from the bottom and let the moss soak the water and maintain an intermediate or warm greenhouse/terrarium with night temperatures of 16-22 degrees and daytime temperatures of 22-31 degrees.




Plant Size: Flowering size, tubers. The tubers are in small pots with a layer of chilean moss underneath and in live moss at the top of the pot. The tubers have not started growing leaves yet.

Family: Orchidaceae

Plant Passport: A Corybas umbrosus B 140084 c 12196 d GB

Corybas umbrosus

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