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Medinilla magnifica is a species from the Philippines. This is the only species of the genus of 200 species which is relatively easy to find in cultivation. Plants are epiphytes and live in old and large trees. Plants can attain height of three metres in the wild, and the leaves measure 30-40 cm. Inflorescences are frequent and emerge from the apex of the stems. Flower heads and bracts are pink and showy. The flowers are long lasting, purple and pink.


This plant is flowering size (large and medium) and is growing in a pot. Grow Medinilla magnifica in a pot and use a medium and fine bark mix, perlite, and chopped moss as a media. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement particularly when gown in humidity above 60%; always ensure that falling leaves of other plants stay off the leaves of these as they will rot the plant. Plants need to be grown damp, don’t let plants stay dry for long. This species likes an intermediate to warm greenhouse with night low temperatures of 15-21 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-32 degrees. Plants will grow well indoors if reasonable (indirect) light is given and watering in consistent.



Family – Melastomataceae

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Medinilla magnifica

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