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Product Description:

Introducing the majestic Obregonia denegrii, a captivating succulent CITES Appendix 2 species from the arid states of Mexico that boarder the US. This attractive species is known for its distinctive star-shaped form, a must have species among cacti enthusiasts.


Distinctive Features:

This cactus showcases a symphony of geometric elegance, with each ridge and angle contributing to its unique aesthetic. Its star-shaped silhouette and subtle green hue make it a sought-after gem for collectors and admirers of arid flora.


Cultivation Tips:

Cultivating the Obregonia denegrii is a rewarding experience. This resilient species thrives in well-draining put with a sand and grit media, making it well-suited for sunny, arid environments. Ensure moderate watering, allowing the sand and grit to dry between intervals. It's a low-maintenance addition to both indoor and outdoor collections but just don’t be tempted to over water it. This species grows best in an intermediate to cool (non-humid) greenhouse with night low temperatures of 11-18 degrees and daytime temperatures of 23-35 degrees.


Special Care Instructions:


Light Requirements: Flourishes in bright, direct sunlight.

Watering: Moderate watering; let the sand and grit dry between intervals.

Temperature: Well-suited for warm, arid conditions.


Family – Cactaceae

Plant Passport - A Obregonia denegrii B 140084 c 11193 d GB

Obregonia denegrii

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