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Tillandsia magnusiana is a species found in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Plants are epiphytes and leaves measure 4-11 cm. Plants have more trichomes (hairs) on them compared to others in the genus. The bracts are red and the corolla is purple.


This plant is flowering size and is growing on a mount. Grow Tillandsia magnusiana on a cork mount with no moss underneath. Moss will rot the plant. Make sure the plant gets sufficient air movement, particularly when grown in humidity above 50%; always give the plant moderate light. Plants need to be sprayed lightly once a week and never soaked. This species likes an intermediate or cool drier greenhouse or terrarium with night low temperatures of 12-19 degrees and daytime temperatures of 22-32 degrees. Plants will grow indoors if cool night temperatures, sufficient light and good air circulation are provided.


Family – Bromeliaceae

Plant Passport - A Tillandsia magnusiana B 140084 c 11526 d GB

Tillandsia magnusiana

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